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Our Little Ville preschool program has three dedicated classes!

Play Group


We at Little Ville Preschool believe that children are a “Blank slate”, while they arrive to the school for the very first time. Hence considering this we aim to bring “Wholesomeness Learning filled with fun activities”. At play group we strive to provide home environment composed of friendly staffs to ensure a smooth transition from home to school. We closely monitor their developmental domains and make every child reach their utmost ability.

At Play group children trained on,

  • To Achieve Independence.
  • To Refine their Gross and Fine motor Coordination.
  • Help them to adjust to every first step to home school environment.
  • Whole range of sensorial activities are included.
  • Assist to build their social Emotional skills.
  • Train children right from micro level understanding.
  • The child develops hands on exploration with curiosity.


At Nursery children will be noticed at ease, since they have undergone session plans of Playgroup program. Children will experience stimulating learning environment, through “INGINITE CURRICULUM”.

The children now begin to gear up for “school readiness”. At nursery children slowly learn to master their skills and begin to shoot up in their conceptual understanding. The thematic concepts month on month engages children with explored academic learning and shaping the young minds on what is expected according to their age.

Children at Nursery are growing intellectually on,

  • Begin to master the Life skills.
  • Enhanced peer interaction.
  • Gets a command over the language.
  • Gets focused on Self Esteem.
  • Assist to build their social Emotional skills.
  • It encourages learning of new age skills.
  • It also cultivates creativity.


Little Ville is the place where it brings the curiosity of child’s mind and get more exploration of the world. As children have completed learning on micro levels, they enter into advanced learning process through Macro level, learning based on the Thematic Concepts.

At this level, Self and peer learning plays a huge role. Role plays/Dramatization are emphasized learnings. Numbers and Language related activities are planned in such a way where every child experiences success in learning.

Curriculum enhances every Little Ville child at KG, to analyze the facts as well as gives them the freedom to learn and explore, this builds in healthy competence in the classroom learning. The program helps the children to be a readymade school child for formal schooling.

At KG classes children are,

  • Age appropriate with learning tools are used for the children.
  • Encourages children to express their ideas, thoughts and feelings.
  • Allows children to grow at their own pace.
  • Building and enhancing vocabulary.
  • Innovative methods to enhance reading & writing also effective parent session on how to overcome writing challenges.

At Little Ville Preschool , we believe in “Para learning”, a complete Home -School preschool readiness.


Day Care Program

At Little Ville centers, we provide a structured day care program. We insist and bring about quality care and supervision for every little Ville child. The day care age group starts from 9monthsold and above.

Day Care brings about flexible timings for every individual parent and catersto individual needs and we also consider valuable suggestions from the parents for better child care at every given point of time.

Apart from the care and nurture to the children we focus on their developmental milestones as well and engage the children at various activities and help them be ready for preschool.

After School Activities

Little Ville centers are functioning even after the preschool timings to provide and facilitate same age group as well as other age group children. We aim at engaging the children in various other extracurricular activities for better exposure, self-learning, being independent, confident and competitive for modern day standards.

Activities like Chess, Carrom, Various Dance classes, sloka classes, Karate, Drawing and painting classes, spoken English, Art and Craft classes, Music, Calligraphy, Abacus, Yoga and meditation etc..

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